Trees in Relation to Construction

Whatever size project you have from a small extension to a large housing scheme Dartforest Tree Works Ltd. provides a professional arboricultural service in tree planning and development in accordance to BS5837: 2012 – Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction-Recommendations throughout the South West.

Our professional, expert service includes…

British Standards 5837: 2012 Arboricultural Survey and Reports

Our consultancy service delivers full surveys to assist with the design phase of proposals, to accompany planning applications and to discharge planning conditions on approved schemes if required.

Our concise, easy-to-understand reports will give you all the information you need to keep your project running smoothly.

Pre-development Site Appraisals

We’ll perform a detailed survey of the trees on site, and provide you with an initial assessment of any tree related constraints which could influence the design and development proposals.

This is delivered as part of a Tree Constraints Report which will include a Tree Constraints Plan.

Tree Constraints Plans (TCP)

The TCP is an accurate plan positioning the trees surveyed on-site.  The trees’ height, spread, BS5837 categorisation and the root protection areas of all the recorded trees are detailed on the plan.

Arboricultural Impact Assessments (AIA) including the Tree Protection Plan (TPP)

The AIA will evaluate the trees on-site and detail how they will grow and co-exist with the proposed development in the short and long-term.

The AIA will also give the effects of any tree loss required to facilitate the development and how to mitigate such losses. Such reports are usually delivered to a local authority with a planning application.

The TPP will provide essential details to  ensure the trees are protected during the development process, The TPP is a scale drawing ideally based on a full topographical survey that shows trees to be retained and trees to be removed, any Construction Exclusion Zones, location of  ground protection or protective fencing and other factors such as specialist construction or demolition techniques which could affect the retained trees on-site.

Arboricultural Method Statements (AMS)

This document will set out the methodology of any aspects of development that are within the root protection area of retained trees as well as the potential of any damage or detrimental effects  the development might have to the retained trees.

An AMS can also be delivered with a planning application or to discharge tree related planning conditions on an approved development

BS5837 Arboricultural Site Supervision

If planning conditions require having an expert on site for key phases of the development, the Dartforest team is here to help.

We can attend your site and support you with advice and formal documents where necessary.

Airspading and Root Investigations

We can provide specialist root investigations, root pruning, vertical mulching and radial trenching with the use of an ‘airspade’.

This service involves using a high-powered air compressor and air tool to  remove soil around tree roots and underground services without causing significant damage.

This is designed for investigating decay in roots, de-compacting soil around tree roots or installation of utility cables.

Whatever your requirements, you can be certain of a friendly, professional service from start to finish. Call us on 01364 72804 or 07594 680 168. Alternatively, email us and we’ll contact you as soon as we can.

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