Tree Decay Detection

Resistograph testing in Devon

Where trees have been found to have decay or there are signs of fungus growing from a tree, it can sometimes be difficult to assess what extent of decay the tree might have or how safe the tree is.

Tree Decay Equipment

Tree Decay testing is carried out using a number of different types of specialist equipment which give readings that can be interpreted by a tree consultant in order to assess the structural integrity of a tree

Resistograph Testing

The Resistograph (micro-drill) is used to test the resistance of the wood within the trunk or stems of a tree.

The drill highlights internal wood properties within the tree that have been degraded (or not) by decay. The read out from the Resistograph can then be analysed to determine how much remaining sound wood the tree has and the level of risk the tree may pose.

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Dartforest Tree Works Ltd. have carried out Tree Decay Detection Services throughout the whole of Devon and Cornwall for a number of clients including Local Authorities, Local Parish and Town Councils, National Organisations, Academy Schools and a large number of domestic and large landowners.

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